Unique jewellery pieces crafted by hearts

Our own jewellery start-up where people could use our mobile app to create unique jewellery pieces based on their heartbeat.

When love is young, gifts are gestures. When love matures however, gifts become chores. Thinking about them gets burdensome, so we go for the most obvious and convenient choices. One might even say, these gifts don’t come from the heart anymore. At DDB Group Hong Kong, we believed that with the help of technology, it didn’t have to be this way.

CRAFTED BY MY HEART – an app that lets people customise jewellery with their heartbeat. It’s a convenient and quick way to find a gift, while still coming from the heart – quite literally. Using the flash and camera of a smartphone, we can detect the user’s heartbeat, which transforms into a unique 3D rendering, and finally becomes a personalised piece of jewellery.